GOST 8479-70
Forgings are made of structural carbon and alloyed steel. General specifications
Appointment GOST 8479-70:
This standard applies to General-purpose forgings with a diameter (thickness) of up to 800 mm made of structural carbon, low alloy and alloy steel, produced by forging and hot stamping. The standard establishes groups of forgings and the basic technical requirements for their acceptance and delivery.
Number of pages: 9
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GOST 5950-2000
Bars, strips and reels of tool steel alloy. General specifications.
Appointment of GOST 5950-2000:
This standard applies to hot-rolled rods, strips and coils, forged bars and strips, calibrated rods and coils, rods with special surface finish, tool steel alloy.For steel grades 3kh2mnf, 4KHMNFS, 9ХФМ, ingots, blooms, slabs, billets, forgings, sheet, tape, pipe and other metal standard applies only in part of the rules of the chemical composition.
Number of pages: 40
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GOST 24507-80
Control is non-destructive. Forgings of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Methods of ultrasonic flaw detection.
Designation GOST 24507-80:
This standard applies to forgings made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a thickness of 10 mm or more and establishes methods of ultrasonic flaw detection of metal continuity, which ensure the detection of defects such as shells, sunsets, cracks, flocs, bundles, non-metallic inclusions without determining their nature and actual size.
Number of pages: 14
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GOST 7062-90
Forgings of carbon and alloy steel, manufactured by forging on presses. Allowances and tolerances
Designation GOST 7062-90:
This standard applies to General-purpose forgings weighing up to 130 tons of carbon and alloy steel (the total content of alloying elements up to 10%, except carbon), manufactured by forging presses, and sets the value of machining allowances, tolerances on the nominal dimensions of forgings, the amount of overlaps for forgings.The standard does not apply to forgings of high-alloy steel and alloys with special physical properties: from ingots cast in vacuum, made of metal and VDP ESP; from tool steels with a carbon content of more than 0.55% or alloying elements more than 5%, as well as from steels intended for the manufacture of cold rolling rolls
Number of pages: 31
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GOST 28393-89
Bars and strips of high-speed steel obtained by powder metallurgy. General specifications
Number of pages: 21
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GOST 19265-73
Bars and strips of high speed steel. Technical conditions
Appointment of GOST 19265-73:
This standard applies to hot-rolled, forged, calibrated bars and strips, bars with a special surface finish, in terms of the norms of chemical composition - on the sheet, tape, forgings, stamping and other types of high-speed steel products.
Number of pages: 22
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GOST 2590-88
Hot-rolled steel round. Assortment
Appointment GOST 2590-88:
This standard applies to hot-rolled steel products of circular cross-section with a diameter of 5 to 270 mm inclusive. Rolled products with a diameter of more than 270 mm are manufactured by agreement of the manufacturer with the consumer
Number of pages: 4
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GOST 2591-88
Hot-rolled steel square. Assortment
Appointment of GOST 2591-88:
This standard applies to hot-rolled steel products of square section with the size of the sides from 6 to 200 mm inclusive. Rental size of more than 200 mm is produced by agreement of the manufacturer with the consumer.
Number of pages: 4
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GOST 1131-76
Aluminum deformable alloys in ingots. Technical conditions
Purpose of GOST 1131-76:
This standard applies to aluminum alloys deformable in ingots intended for the manufacture of ingots, processed by pressure, as well as for the manufacture of sheet metal in the manufacture of aluminum alloys
Number of pages: 8
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GOST 7417-75
Round calibrated steel. Assortment
Appointment GOST 7417-75:
This standard applies to calibrated cold-drawn or cold-rolled round steel with a diameter of 3 to 100 mm
Number of pages: 5
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